Friday, January 21, 2011

9 days til race

It's nine days til the big race! My first half marathon that I will be running with two of my absolute favorite people in the world! We are all first timers and haven't trained much but will finish and be proud of ourselves! I am so looking forward to some girl time and bonding memories. 

I am thankful for this quiet evening alone. Hubs is off playing music and the girls were tucked in at 8 o'clock sharp. It's nights like these that I truly love. Quiet. We all need a little bit of breathing time to sit, reflect, and just be. I think I may need it more than others. This is dreamy.

I was back out job searching today. Hired for the San Antonio Express News today! YAY, Me! Not sure what will come out of it all. Loved the hiring manager! But not sure if this will be the job for me. I will go out tomorrow and explore the possibilities. That's all you can do. Stay in the game, do your best, put your best foot forward. It will all work out. I look forward to blogging about my experience tomorrow.

Not much to say tonight. Wanting to soak up every ounce of alone time and watch a girlie movie. Just sounds great so I will. lcs

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