Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Miles

10 Miles I ran yesterday. 10 miles on a treadmill!! I must say that I am extremely proud of myself and am now feeling confident about the upcoming race this weekend. If I can do 10 on a stinkin treadmill, I can run 13.1 on the road! YIPEE! I feel great about it. I will say I felt sick a little bit later and almost vomited. But, I did wait way too long to eat something and replenish those calories. Therefore, I learned my lesson. I will need to make sure there is something waiting for me to eat when I finish the race. 

This weekend was another interesting one. Last Friday I was hired to work with the San Antonio News Express. I absolutely loved the hiring manager and we hit it off right off the bat. I thought to myself, this could be it! He assures me that I will make $1, 000 a week! $1,000 a week! Are you freaking kidding me?!? HELL YEAH! But, I knew better. There is a catch. Always. So, I am hanging out with Ron and feeling as though we have known each other forever. I like this guy. This is his father's company, Barton Inc. Which is the Marketing and Sales team for the San Antonio News Express which is a pretty awesome company. They have 15 hubs all in the greatest cities in the country. I am feeling it. Thinking to myself, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. I can sling a few big deal. 

So, I go to the HEB with a training manager to see how hard this can be. Gabby is  a short Hispanic woman about 5 foot. She talks super fast and has a very thick accent. So thick that you have to concentrate very hard to even understand what she is saying. Gabby is the top sales manager and earns anywhere from $1200 to $1500 a week selling papers. I am thinking to myself, ok, pay attention because you can do this. It's just selling papers, right?

Selling papers? More like hustling! I spent 3 hours with Gabby and we sold a whopping 2 newspapers while I was there! 2!! Duos! A pair! Two! Really??? NO one wants the paper! They already have the paper! IF they don't it's because they do not want it. The area we were in was a wealthier area and so most everyone who walked in the store already have the paper and the younger ones don't read the paper. Here I am with Senorita Gabby slinging papers. Seriously, she was so aggressive and waving her hands to get people over and asking them their zip code and information before they even knew what the hell she was saying! OMG it was quite the entertainment for a Saturday afternoon. I felt like I was bugging people. I did make one sale on my own but really two papers in 3 hours is not going to bring in the cash money. 

Long story short (cause really there are plenty of things to say about that afternoon) I called Ron immediately pulling out of the HEB parking lot and resigned. After 3 hours. Done. Finished. No way in hell. I called him and explained to him that the real reason I took this job was because I liked him, his father and the company but that there is just no way that I can take such a huge gamble. Fingers crossed that I am going to sell papers. I let him know that this girl needs a base salary and steady income. He tried to keep me, really he did. But he understood and told me that if I change my mind at any time to call him, I will have a job. Well, that's nice and all but I want a salary job!!! End of story. I am back at square one.

Wednesday is the job fair. Please God, help me. We are so poor. I WILL be going to the WIC office this week. I do pray everyday, I thank God everyday for our blessings....I do. We are blessed but we need mooola!

Job search fail. 10 miler...success! Back on the hunt. Well, I may not have a job but this girl can run 10 miles! Most importantly, has this crazy little family.

Oldies but goodies. 


Ariel said...

Oh my word...your life never has a dull moment sister!!! Well I am glad you are outta that situation. I cannot see you hustling people to buy papers!!!
10 miles....wowza, you rock!
Feel free to leave me in the dust on Sunday :)

My Trip Around the Sun : A Project said...

Ariel, you are so awesome. I love how you read my random blogs. I am still trying to get into the whole thing. it does not come naturally! ha!!
Life does seem to be dramatic for me and Sunday will be great! We will have fun!!