Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ok, so I totally suck at blogging.Earning a  F+ would be fair to say for sure.  I think I may be to scattered for this whole blogging thing. Maybe? I don't know.  Or maybe I am just down right boring and have nothing to say! ha!  We know that's not true. I never shut up!

Lots have been going on in my life and maybe that's the real reason behind th non-blogging. Britt is finally off on his four month adventure across the big pond to Iraq. We Skped for the first time tonight which was so cool. It was so nice to see his smiling face and the girls weren't quite sure what do do with themselves except smile and wave at Daddy and throw him I love you 's in sign language. Of course, Britt asked why I wasn't naked. so typical.

But really, we have been doing the whole summer gig in full force. Spending hours upon hours at the pool with a cooler full of snacks. Lily won "most improved" on her swim team this year and Stella can now swim by herself! Stella watched Lily swim and literally told herself she could do it and did. I can learn a lot from that Lil Firecracker. Wonder where she gets it from??

Spending time at the pool has been great....everyone...everyone really knows us. Haven't figured out if that's in a good way or not but we're goin' with the good way! :)  I was a little weery at first about our neighbors, only because everyone around us just seems so "different" from what I know. But getting to know the neighbors more intimantely helps me to have a better understanding of who a lot of these people really "are". It's been nice. I feel good about that and that helps me to feel at ease. I think that the Momma Bear in me was being a lot more protective than I let myself realize.  The pool...was hit!

We were hit with the biggest of news the first week of June. A BABY! I honestly, would have never in a bagillion years had guessed it. Of course as a Mom when your friends find out they are pregnant, your sister has a baby ect. you can not help but to say "ahhhh..I love babies" and think I could do that again. And sure, I had those thoughts but they usually didn't last long because in that very room my two darling little girls are screaming at one another and the thought would vanish! haha! I know, I am so mean. ;) But really, we are thrilled! I do think that I just haven't honestly been able to wrap my head around the whole concept.  I'm warming up to it pretty easily though. I turned into the creepy "hands that rock the cradle" lady when I saw my sisters baby for the first time in months. So I guess I still have the maternal instincts!

It's hard to believe there will be one more smiling face added to the clan.

That's all in  a nutshell really. OH! And I am going to start working mid August. I am excited because I am hoping to be bringin in the cash! Yes, Ma'am. This woman likes it to rain GREEN!  Can't depend on the military to pay ya so looks like I'm gonna have to do it! Lots of prayers and fingers crossed it works out.

Me and my Baby Daddyxo