Saturday, March 5, 2011

Imperfectly Perfect.

Imperfectly Perfect a friend told me I was last week. For some reason it has really stuck with me. I have been thinking a lot about who I am, what am I good at?, and what is my gift. A lot of friends I know (most really) are very artistic and seem to have  away with blogging, scrap booking, painting, photographing ect. For these beautiful friends...they are naturals. I know that is what I love about them and admire and why I want to have people in my life that are inspiring. We are all apart of this world and we were all created differently. Not one person is made the same. Embrace, love, inspire, be inspired, and just do what makes you happy. Whether you are good at it or not. If you aren't try at it but only if you want to. Be yourself, love yourself and shine.

I may not be artistic but I am "Imperfectly Perfect. "

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Would ya look at that?


 This will put a giggle in your's a must watch.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Story Continued....

So I am listening closely and realized that she is not talking about me but talking about the other hair stylists that work for her. Classy...real classy. Knew I didn't like her. The gossiping continues and I am just trying not to get annoyed. Then finish putting the foils in my hair and I sit there for quite a while. They move me to the dryer to sit under for even longer. Not once did Cindi check on me, but her oh so fab assistant does who clearly does not know what he is doing. I continue to read awesome magazines...could be one of my favorite parts of the hair salon. This is the easy part of my visit. 

"Guy" takes me to the sink to wash out my hair. He is moving so slow I cannot even stand it. He begins to take out the bottom foils and leaves in the top foils.  He then begins to wash the hair that he has taken out of the foils. Dumb, right? Why not wait and do it all at the same time?! I sit there with head in the sink, which we all know is not the most comfortable, and he is talking about himself and his wife (who is military) and asks about my husband....blah blah. All the time my neck is resting on the hard porcelain and top foils still in. Cindi decides to grace us with her presence after I shot her a "what the fuck" stare. She almost by passes me but the stare was fierce enough to make her come over and investigate. God, she is such a shit. She comes over checks my foils that have been in for like over an hour tells "Guy" they are perfect and to put toner on my hair for 3 minutes. She disappears. I am thinkin' sweet, let's get this ball mooovin'!  He takes the foils out puts the toner in and starts the molesting of my head.  At first, I am lovin it. This is awesome. I am feeling the stress slip away and then he starts massaging my face! Moves his fat fingers to my temples and is going to town. Toner is now getting all over my face and is burning. It has def. been 3 minutes. But "guy" is not done. He might as well have had a hard on. Maybe he did. Who knows, this massage is getting super intense and I am intensely uncomfortable.  I start to show him this with my body language and trying to tell myself that God is testing me. I need to learn to relax, find the humor in all of this. This person really is nice...he is making conversation and trying. I think he is feeling good about himself that he can give a head massage. Finally, he starts the water. Cold water. He begins to rinse my hair and water starts spraying all down my neck and on my face. I start to wipe the water off of myself to show him that he is getting me wet....he has no clue. My mascara is now under my eyes and my neck is wet.  His awkward hands finished the hair washing process and then have to try and wrap my hair in the towel. 

Round 3...
I sit in the zebra print chair next to another client who is having her hair dried by Cindi. Cindi glares at me because I am clearly staring at her waiting for some type of human interaction from this Icey Bitch. "How's your color?" She askes "Guy"!! She asked him?! Not me. God, I just want this to be over! So she asks "Guy" to brush my hair and blow dry it. I looked at him and he asks me if I am having my hair cut and I answer loud enough for both him and Cindi to hear...YES!I immediately pick up the phone and call Ariel that there is no way in hell I will be able to meet her like planned. Cindi hears me and "Guy"  dries my hair for a minute and then Cindi gets someone else to finish her other client and she begins on my hair. She does not asking me many questions. I tell her how many inches and that is about it. Meanwhile, my purse is in my lap because I didn't want to put my new purse on the hair infested floor so I was waiting for someone to tell me where I could put it and not to mention the fact that I am feeling completely dumbfounded by everything. Cindi begins to cut my hair. I watched her look down at my purse and she starts cutting away. Hair is going all over my brand new Anthropologie  Purse!  After I pick it up and start dusting the hair off (while looking at her). She then asks if I want to put my purse down. I really don't like her she is so rude!!  I tell her yes, that would be nice. I really don't want to be walking around with a shedding purse....I am totally trying to play it off and act nice. Oh! Did I mention that every time you try and look her in the eyes she will look away. EW! I do NOT like that!
So she literally cuts my hair in like 3 minutes. Asks if I want to have my hair dried (it's raining outside) Calls over 'guy" to finish blow drying my hair. He talks...I don't listen. He finishes and Cindi checks my hair. Does a few little snips asks me if I need to change...I say no, she walks away. That was it. No, "thank you", "how do you like your hair", "nice to meet you", heres my card" get it. Nothing. I am just thankful it is over. Goodbye. I will never be back.

Go up to pay with "Guy". I give him my $75 gift card that my hubs gave me and "guy" tells me..."It is $250. WHAT!??!?! How much??? Did you take off the give card price? Did you charge me twice?? HUH??? He looks at it again...and tells me "NO, it's $250 and I deducted the gift card price. I say "are you sure?" Did you Charge me twice?? No...250.  At this point I am shaking. Shaking and about to cry uncontrollably. I spat a few words like...That is ridiculous.. I have never paid that much for a haircut before ever, this was a partial highlight. I give him my card. I am about to tip and realized there was no way in hell....I left her 20 cents. I grab my stuff and furiously run out of there.
I get to the car and call Ariel....I start to cry.

She tells me to meet her across the street she was just leaving the store and that we were going back over there. She is my support system and I am feeling strong again. She encourages me that it will be okay and we will get some answers.

We race back across the street...there are no parking spots. None. It is so freakin crowded. A spot opens up, it's handicap. I don't give a shit. I park. As I get out I look behind me and this young lady is looking at me with a "what the hell" look waving her handicap thingy. I looked at her and said "sorry! It's an emergency!" Yes, I did that! I really did and didn't care.

Run inside the salon shaking almost uncontrollably. ask to speak with Cindi. Ariel joins in behind me.  Cindi comes up and I tell her that I feel like I was completely over charged and that she needed to explain to me the prices. Ariel asks for a price sheet. I am telling her that I feel completely blindsided. That I have never been to a salon before and been charged that price. I have been to many salons in my life, every six months for years and never been charged this much. She reads me the prices and tells me that it's $75 for the cut and however much for the color. I scream...It's a partial highlight! And Ariel chimes in..."and what actually did you do to her hair that is so special?!?!"  We are on a role at battle and determined to get answers. I am telling this girl that I have never been treated this way before in a salon, that she needs to retrain her staff on how to wash hair that he was getting me soaking wet while in the chair, needs to list prices and let people know up front. I tell her that I am from Atlanta where people know how to do hair and that no offense (which was a lie, I totally meant to offend) that I have been to WAY better salons than hers and was charged half the price that she was charging. She stands their like an Icey witch that she is and tells me that she will take $30 off of my price. I am so livid and visibly shaking. I take the $30 and then tell another stylist passing by that if I were him, I would find another salon to work in!  It was soooo crazy.
I am not even telling the story as intensely as it was insane!!! I was so mad and upset afterward and Britt wanted to egg her salon.

Live in learn...NEVER go to Alta Modo in San Antonio!!