Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have really been working on my patience. I am really noticing a difference in myself over the last couple weeks. I am working on letting things be and to stop trying to control everything. Maybe the week that I spent with my sister really impacted me more than I thought not just in a stressful way but also in a positive way. My sisters life is so out of control that I started noticing what changes that I want to make in my life. There was so much unhappiness in her heart and in her house. It helped me to reflect on my own home and the impact that I am making daily good or bad. Patience is a gift. Patience is wisdom.  
Let God to his work. Forgive yourself for the things you have done wrong and move forward. Be patient in the present but also for the future. 

I have been patient with my sister. She has entered treatment. Praise Him. Life is beautiful.


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