Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well with great attempt, I could not log into my account last night! I was so tired and very frustrated and threw my hands up! I think that I have it worked out but we'll see!  I didn't like the feeling that I had when I gave up but honestly, I was NOT in the mood to try and figure out techy stuff, so I worked on it this morning. Oh well, that's life. I was not going to kill myself over it last night....
Yesterday was filled with Christmas shopping, beautiful weather, checked off lists and a fun time at the Alamo Draft House with the family!  We wanted to reward the girls for great behavior shopping (although, really their behavior was quite whinny and grouchy) but they tagged a long! The Alamo Draft House is something that we will not do often but was a treat for all.  You sit down in the theater and have a waiter who will take orders from you for food and drinks! We were all quite hungry and I ordered a burger with fries ,Britt had a spicy chicken sandwich and the girls shared a cheese pizza. Britt and I of course had to experience the Draft House with an ale. It just would seem criminal not too! So we shared a pitcher while watching Yogi Bear in 3D. The movie was cute and the food was pretty good. Too much money but hey it's Christmas time. We will call it a family gift!  That's all for now, we are trying to get moving on another beautiful day in San Antonio...really is perfect out. Blessed. ~lcs

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