Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 2

We have had a festive day over here. Lily had her holiday party that Stella and I were able to attend and  I was able to experience the unnecessary awkward "holiday party." However, I was engaged in the Race for Diabetes fiesta of cookies, brownies, chips, fake cheese and crackers, more chips and more cookies and fruit (which I brought).  Besides that, it was a blast.
Afterward, I was welcomed by my garage door that apparently no longer opens. Hubs comes home sweaty and happy from his x amount of hours to himself ready to "fix the garage" which, with an excellent attempt, was unfix-able.  Followed by my oh so exciting hour and a half of alone shopping time!! YAY!! I was beyond thrilled....really!! I arrive at the shops of Old Helotes and walk along the gravel road to the Cafe'...I can feel such excitement brewing. Do I go for the Late' or a hot tea? Hmmmm....such a wonderful decision to have to contemplate. I go for an Americano because, why not, I am going to a holiday slash retirement party tonight and I have shopping to do! I get to my favorite Antique/Vintage store in town and am absolutely thrilled to shop in complete peace!  I give my friendly "Laura hello"and how are you which led to an HOUR AND A HALF!! of gabbing! She was such a sweet and friendly and talkative woman! Loved her! although, even more on another day. She spoke of her "Oreo Family" and her adventures all over this lovely world, her husbands dislike of her decorating after 11 years...all of the while telling me with the worst stuffy nose!! Seriously, any other day, I would have welcomed the company. It worked out lovely though. I bought some great finds....crystals for my God awful chandelier, presents for Mom and sis and dress -up necklaces for Lily, Stella and my wonderful niece.
Following the shopping excursion, Britt took me to his work "retirement/holiday" party. Geez, why do these always have to be so damn torturous?!! Awkward everything! Conversation, introducing (for the 3rd or maybe 4th time it sometimes seems) and yeah all of that repeated! but we made it through it. Everyone really was super nice.
And here we are....HOME at last!  What a day. Not to be repeated, however, I am sure just as interesting! Signing off~

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Ariel said...

ummmm...what a day! why am I not surprised though? can't wait to see you and hear the WHOLE story :)