Monday, December 20, 2010


I honestly do not know how I make it through the day sometimes. But, I do.  Today was started by breakfast and cookies! I made enough cookies for all of our family members which turned out to be literally, just enough! I waited last minute ( as usual) to do cookies and go out and get the tins to put the cookies in. I had been out shopping a couple times over the last few days and either they were out or they were way over priced for crap material. So, I ran out to my oh so favorite store once a again and came home with literally, just the right amount of old classic tins that Joann magically handed me.  
The girls and I made TONS of sugar cookies and I made my favorite peanut butter cookies with a Hershey's kiss on top...perfection. No wonder my stomach is bulging.
Kicker of the day is...scrambled around like I was competing in a rat race to finish all projects and gift wrapping before 5 o'clock so that I could make the last shipment of the day at the Post Office. 

Wrap, pack and write our cards by 4:28...go to the post office. IT IS SLAMMED! Realize, I do not have my sisters address or a pen and my phone is beeping because it is out of juice. Start to sweat but breathe deep and realize that it will work out some way or another. There are NO parking spots. I find one, and then a HUGE SUV comes out of freakin' no where and zips right into my spot that I was waiting for. He was old, I let it go. I follow the dead end and turn around.  Pass a decent spot but am hopeful for a closer one because I have 5 packages and there is no way I can carry them inside on my own. Notice, there are no spots and look behind me to check out the one I quickly passed before , knowing I should have taken it, and someone else rightfully snags it.  Ok, ok  i think. I will make it.  Pull around the building and to my surprise...a front row spot!!! YES! Luck is changing. I am thrilled. Now all I have to do is figure out why the HELL I did not make Britt come with me because now I have to manage to bring in 5 boxes (which some are missing addresses) inside, somewhat gracefully.  Damn, should have thought about that and maybe brought some type of moving devices...Such as: A FLIPPIN WAGON! Geez.  So, I then proceed to put my packages on the side walk > A nice Asian man looks at me with complete confusion as to why the hell I am trying to accomplish this task alone and kindly asks if I need assistance all of the while continuing to hold a face of complete confusion. I accept and thank him. 

Walk inside, the line is wrapped around the place. Here I am with these boxes, some of which do not have addresses and try and make myself a little corner with the missing tape and start to panic. Everyone, everyone is looking at me. I am sweaty.  I dial mom, and she does not answer. I call again, voice mail . Again, she picks up...hallelujah. I get the address. Oh, and I forgot to mention that as I am frantically trying to get myself organized, there are no pens. Luckily, tis the season. A nice girl was lookin out. I finally get my shit together and get in line. A young man comes behind me who clearly works there and tells me he is the "end of the line." He has to close the store and shoo anyone else who is running tardy as well.  I tell him about the tape, he gets me some (oh, and I push my packages to the front of the office so that I do not have to scoot them across the floor so that I won't get a potential hole due to my old recycled boxes that fingers crossed will tape up brand new). Me and Dude chat. He feels like a complete ass hole because late comers are trying to sneak there way in and he has to be the "jerk off "who tells them "better luck next time. " We become friends. I am thinking man, I am so lucky to have made it! I am going to make my deadline I think!!! For once!!!!  I am now the last one in line, we get my boxes up, we get confirmations printed out, I go to pay....................MY CARD IS DE-FUCKING-CLINED!!!!!!!!!!  The $371 check I put in this weekend is still pending!! So not only had I made the most obnoxious entrance, borrowed pens and scissors from people who felt sorry for me and generously helped me out... store doors were closed behind me bolted up and my card will not go through!! You have got to be fucking kidding me.  I tear up. I am now embarrassed and thinking NO way. I just put money in there. This is not happening. Well, yes it did. It so very did. With tail between legs and tears in my eyes, I take two trips to my piece of shit car with boxes in hand.

It is okay. I get home and for whatever reason. Shitty Bank of America is still holding on to my money. I had $50 and the packages were $70 and the check is still pending. I cried or sobbed really and made Britt feel my pain considering this NEVER happens to him...NEVER.  So, lesson learned. I should have double checked on the status of the check. It reads funds available 12/20. It is 12/20. I should have known not to trust anything. oh well. The embarrassment has passed. Britt will send the packages first thing in the AM. I will not.

Yes, this is just one day. And one that was just as crazy as yesterday. Men, blatantly were hitting on me while shopping yesterday and even Britt (my not so observant husband noticed) is not a full moon. almost, though. 

So, that was today. Tomorrow is a new day. I will get off the ride now, look forward to tomorrow's. ~lcs

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