Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today started with Polar Express with just me and the girls, then we painted our nails green and red and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I thoroughly enjoyed veggin out with the girls and doing girlie things! I was then able to enjoy the afternoon alone doing last minute shopping and driving circles, really. I saw some beautiful neighborhoods and it was a gray and windy afternoon, perfect for a drive out in peace and quiet. I came home to happy hubby and happy children and then we all went out for the evening. Went down to the Hard Rock Cafe down on the Riverwalk downtown and cruised around looking at the lights and soaking up the incredible night. Everything today has gone perfectly smooth...until we got home! Britt dead bolted the door, locked all windows and side doors.  The garage door broke last Friday and so we have had to lock the door with our key! B forgot and he had to break in the front door. Now we must fix the front dead bolt. Awesome. Almost a perfect evening. Nothing is perfect, but damn things sure know how to go with a tad bit of a glitch. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! lcs

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