Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, I am just now figuring out why I could not get to my account that I just created! I set up my blog on Tuesday and was so excited yesterday to have a nice quiet moment to right my first blog entry, until I realized I couldn't get onto it!! I was so frustrated and frankly getting quite pissed off! I have set my mind to a year long commitment to blogging and I was already feeling like a failure!  Long story short, I had two blogs under the same account! Geez, don't I feel like a complete amateur in this whole blogging world! 
I am going to start this first entry describing why I am actually taking on this project.  A very special friend to me, Ariel, and I were at the park with our kids talking about all the daily thoughts running crazily in our heads. I was giving her a recap of the lost dogs that I have been taking into our house ever since we have moved into our new neighborhood. And the "Super Dog Saver" cape that I didn't realize I was wearing! She said to me "Laura, you should write a blog about all the crazy things that happen to you."  Which after she said that, I had actually already thought about doing so especially after watching the movie "Julie and Julia." (I think that is what it is called).  Although I would never take on any type of cooking blog, I thought it would be a therapeutic experience for me to reflect on my life every day. My goal is to have a better connection with myself, my thoughts, my emotions, concerns, and joys.  I have no idea how this all will pan out, but I am optimistic and willing to make a go of it! So with that being said, LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN! ~lcs

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Ariel said...

Yay! So glad you are on here!! Love your words, stories, perspective, love you!