Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where Did All the Good People Go??

This is me in the morning taking Lily to school. Scary.

Besides my very scary morning "do", I was thinking about good people. There are good people everywhere.  I know because my life is filled with good people. But I'm thinking about where are all the other good people?? 

Driving in the hood (no pun intended), I noticed trash. If anyone knows me well, they would know that it is one of my biggest pet peeves.  The city will do a bulk pick-up two times a year for a resident. So you can call the city and set up a date. Awesome, right? Well, what's not so awesome is that my lovely neighbors will but their crap on the curb for a couple months until their pick-up. So the rest of the neighborhood has to drive by and look at all the shit ( sorry for the language but that is just what it is...shit) along side of their neighborhood street. What an eye sore. Then when the city picks up their stuff it will leave debris on the side of the road.  I seem to be the only one in the neighborhood peeved by this.  Then it starts to make me think of character. 

Do you think that it shows a persons character by what you leave behind?  Well, I do.  There has been a lunchable  box in front of my neighbors driveway for the last several days. Has he picked it up?? NO! Of course not. He didn't put it there. He doesn't have kids so it's not his responsibility, right??

I think you get where I am going with this.  What has happened to people thinking about others? I know I grew up in a world where you were taught to think about others and how your actions could effect their way of treating others. It's a simple act of letting other people know that you do care. Care about your neighbors, your planet and your integrity.  I teach my children to pick up our planet so that we all have a safe and clean place to spread our wings. I've talked about it so much that Lily picks up EVERYWHERE we go. My heart smiles. 

Just a little rant on my cloudy Thursday morning. Don't worry. This did not ruin my day, I have noticed this many time before. The observation was followed by homemade waffles and an intense session of Don't Break the Ice with Stella. 

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Ariel said...

I could not love you more!
I am laughing out loud because we are the same way, and Paige talks about litter bugs all the time! AND, you do not look scary at all! You should see what these bangs do while I am sleeping...crazy!
p.s. Riv has held his shell non-stop since Saturday, and he is so proud to tell me and J it is from La La!